Our process

Consultation and Measurement

From the design concept to the fabric selection, measurements, trials, final fitting and accessorising. Your gabbana consultant will meet you at your convenience in our store, at your home or any place you select. A specialised master will take your body measurements and consult you on your preferred fit. We follow the traditional British tape-measure methods for sizing and fitting you.

Baste Fitting

The next step is the baste fitting , where you try on your bespoke outfit that has been temporarily stitched together with white basting thread. This helps us fine-tune the fitting of your garment, to ensure it drapes perfectly over your body. Your gabbana consultant and the master will observe how your outfit fits you when you sit, stand and walk to ensure 360 degrees of comfort.

Your Final Fitting

The baste fitting is then used to hand stitch your final garment as per your consultation, measurements and desired fabric. Following which, the garment can be customised, monogrammed, embroidered to reflect your touch! Finally, the garment is steam pressed, packed and sent to you. We understand that over time our fit changes, which is why we also offer complimentary alteration services.