Fashion is always in flux. From bold patterns, blingy, catching more eyeballs, in your face and louder, and the screaming extravagance of dressing, it’s been quieter now. Minimalistic style has seen an upward trajectory. There is something cool and chic about the simple, clean lines and basic lightness that minimalism brings.

“Minimalism is basically about keeping it simple. Clean cuts, uncluttered, monochrome/ fewer colors. It's back to the basics says Akbar It requires you to strip your style down to just essentials.”

“Is it sustainable- not necessarily, requires fewer garments – ideally but not necessarily.

This style makes form and functionality the focus”

“Let’s not confuse minimalist dressing with being casual or wearing cheaper garments. Minimalist dressing looks stylish only if it fits perfectly. The fit is what differentiates minimalist from casual dressing.”

One misconception about the minimalist wardrobe is getting rid of color. Going minimalist doesn’t mean draining your closet of colors. If you’ve selected a bright color, be sure to pair it with a more neutral base, like dark wash jeans or black, wide-leg trousers. If you’re itching for color, give a chic, tonal outfit a try—like pairing a moss green shirt with olive trousers.

What are the essentials needed for that minimalistic look?

  1. White shirt, a staple in any wardrobe
  2. Basic color shirts – blue black natural, gray
  3. Chinos in khaki, navy, beige and black
  4. Slim-fit indigo and black jeans
  5. Lightweight linen jackets
  6. Charcoal gray single-breasted suit
  7. Round neck, polo t-shirts in neutral basic colors
  8. Roll necks in black, beige, and white

Some say minimalist dressing is easy, but they are missing the whole point. It appears easy is exactly why it is a great style and creates a cool persona.

A more valid criticism of minimalist dressing would be the lack of anything unique or expressing yourself through your dressing. This can be dealt with by breaking the rule of minimalist style.

You could have just one article of your dress stand out to showcase your personality. Either accessorize, use a gentle print, various shades or textures and you are good to go.

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