After over two decades of leaving an incredible mark on fashion and making his way into the hearts and wardrobes of many a prominent personality, Akbar Shahpurwalla began Gabbana in 1993. He opened the first showroom in Mahalaxmi and a second one 10 years later in 2003 in Khar.

If there were a synonym for the word Gabbana, it would have to be customization. From the fabric to the innermost workings and complexities of a suit, Gabbana creates it all to form designs that better suit a particular individual. Every creation has the best quality and finishing lines.
At Gabbana, utmost care is given and taken to create an ensemble that is analogous to ones personality and character.

Gabbana suits have a touch enthused by the feeling that only style can usher in. There is fervor in the clothes, which are lined with memories of excellence of a craft. The colours woven into each suit are stimulated by life’s moods and motivated by its rhythm and beat, making them a perfect fusion of cultures, that which has happened naturally and without force…